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Yes, of course. You can visit our demo and see how our application works for your business and for your customers. If you want to, we can contact you after you have tried it out to understand how it fits your needs and to help you with the on-boarding if required.
By default, the first 30 (thirty) days of all accounts on our system are free of charge. This means that when you subscribe to our services on behalf of your organization, you can try our product for the first 30 (thirty) days free of cost and without any payment obligations. This trial however comes with certain limitations. If you think that this Trial duration is not enough for your business to evaluate our product, please get in touch with us during the ongoing 30 (thirty) day trial period and we will be happy to extend your free trial duration to a maximum of 90 (ninety) days. Please note, all such extensions have to be agreed between during the first 30 days of your trial and are offered on a case-to-case basis. Once the trial period is over, you must migrate your account to a suitable subscription plan or delete your acccount.
It's possible to customize the Features and Value added services that you would like to use during the evaluation of our product. Once you've created your account, please send an email to our product support to help you with customizations related to your account.
Once your trial period ends, you are required to upgrade to one of our available subscription plans that are listed here. In case you do not upgrade, your account will be automatically moved to a Basic subscription plan with a monthly fee of 79 € per month. In case you think that our product is not suitable for your business, you can also choose to delete your account within 14 days of end of the trial period - without any payment obligations. After 14 days, you are legally responsible to make payments towards the usage of our services and any invoices that would have been generated for your account.
Yes. It's possible to end the trial at any time. However, this means that you must either subscribe to one of the available subscription plans which are listed here or then, choose to delete your account.
works well for any business, institution or organization that provides any type of customer service to its customers, for which they have to queue at that business's premises. Our product suits businesses and organizations of all sizes, for example, barber shop, banks, hospitals, retail shops, telecom stores, citizen service desks, restaurants, government offices, educational institutions etc. In a nutshell, if you find a place that has queues, is going to be an absolute fit for that place. Plus, our unique selection of Features offers a good scalability for variety of queuing needs.
is a 100% digital and mobile-first queuing system that is a one stop solution for engaging with customers pre and post customer service. It helps your staff in serving more customers in less time, cutting down the queues, reduce the waiting time and making the customer service process convenient for both staff and customers. It has proven to be a cost effective and affordable solution with high return on investment in form of reduced walk-out rates, improved brand loyalty, reduced operational costs to name a few. To know more about it's benefits and case studies - click here .
Yes. The companies can add a Cover photo, Logo for their landing pages on our service. In addition to the landing page, the Logo is also shown together with the name of your business when the consumer searches for nearby places where they can queue with .
When you upgrade your plan, the changes are applied immediately. When you downgrade your plan, changes are applied at the end of your current billing cycle.
It's possible for people to join the queue or get tickets via the following channels:
  • Android app - available in Google Play store
  • iOS app - available in App store
  • Web app - use any modern web-browser
  • QR Code - by scanning a queue specific code from your smartphone
  • SMS*1 - by sending a special code to a special number
  • Telegram messenger*2 - by sending a special code to our robot
  • WhatsApp messenger*2 - by sending a special code to our robot
  • Self service walk-in kiosk - that is available at the business premises

So, yes - there are many ways to join the queue! To know more about the Walk-in kiosks and the devices we support for queuing and queuing related infrastructure, visit this page .

*1: Available in selected countries
*2: Under development right now - will be available soon

By default, all the tickets that are issued by our system are anonymous1. This means that we don't know who you are and neither does the staff at the business where you are queuing for customer service. However, in certain special circumstances, the business that manages the queue might need some of your personal information like your Name, Phone number or Email address in order to identify you from their customer register data. It is completely upto the business to decide what personal information is needed by them to identify you and we as a service provider have no influence on that decision. Any such personal information is solely collected on behalf of the business and it can be read only by the staff at that specific business. We as a service provider store this data securely in our system using methods that follow standard industry practices of security and privacy. We do not use this data in any form other than showing it to you and to the staff at that specific business.

1: When our system issues an anonymous ticket - the only information we have is your device's unique id, which is used to send you PUSH notifications when the queue gets shorter. This information cannot be used to identify you in any form. Please refer to our Privacy policy to know more about what data is collected and how it is used.

All such personal data that is collected (see here), gets deleted from our systems after 12 months. They can also get deleted earlier - if the business has defined the lifetime of this data to one of the following options: 03 (three) months, 06 (six) months, 12 (twelve) months from the date on which the ticket was issued to the consumer. Currently, ticket specific personal information can be deleted also at the feedback window. In addition to this, we are also working on privacy specific new features - which helps you to define the lifetime of your personal data and keeps you in full control of your data.
When you decide to join a queue and subsequently get a ticket, the business does not really know the fine grain details of the service that you need. In order to serve you better and in a more efficient way, it makes sense to tell them your problems or customer service requirements beforehand. Many businesses that use our services have configured their queues with certain service specific questions. When you answer these questions (Pre-information data), it helps the staff to understand your requirements and get prepared to provide you with a better customer service. For example, if you are joining the "Billing issues" queue at your Internet service provider's shop, they might want to know details like:
  • Do you have a fibre internet or mobile data internet package?
  • What was the billing period where you have issues?
  • Have you paid the bill already?
Please note, all such questions that are configured - are done by the business and are based on the information that is required by that specific business to provide you a better customer service. We as a service provider have no influence of the content of such questions.
All such data that is collected (refer this), gets deleted from our systems after 12 months. They can also get deleted earlier - if the business has defined the lifetime of this data to one of the following options: 03 (three) months, 06 (six) months, 12 (twelve) months.
Signing up for is easy. All you need to do is choose a subscription plan and fill up this form to start using our services. Of course, it's also important to announce to your customers that you are making a switch from the traditional paper ticket queuing systems to a digital queuing system. In practice, this means that you inform your customers they can queue with their own mobile devices, for example.
Please do not worry! We support Walk-in kiosks which have the option to print paper tickets. Alternatively, you can also download business suite app for Android (coming soon - expected during Q3-2021) and pair it with one of our supported thermal printers and start printing paper tickets for your customers. Please keep in mind that printing paper tickets hurts our environment and so, we encourage you to work towards sustainable solutions for the environment and a paperless office.
You don't need any hardware to start using our digital queuing system. is a unique Customer flow and feedback management system that works completely without any dependency on any type of hardware. Once you register for our services - we create your queue management account in our cloud. You get to manage your account using our web dashboard and your customers get to join your queues using our Mobile apps, Web apps and more. In case your business has a requirement of having self service kiosks, we support that too. However, they are not mandatory for the system to work.
It's possible for you to customize a weekly timetable of when your store is open and when its not. When your store isn't operating, no tickets are dispensed by our system. In addition to this, you can also configure upcoming holidays into our system and no tickets will be given out on all such days. You are in full control over when your customers can join your customer service queues via our system.
We understand that in the new normal there are strict regulations about the number of people gathering within premises. To deal with exactly such issues - we have built in tools which help your business to ensure your customer service continuity. You can switch from normal queuing mode to appointment reservation mode and start serving your customers only by pre-reserved time slots. Many of our customers have done this and we recommend you do this as well. is unique of its kind, offering both reservation tools and walk-in customer service management.
is offered to you as SaaS (Software as a Service) - which means that you don't have to commit to long term contracts that force paper based queues and the related crowd management on to your staff. We firmly believe that customer service should be easy for both the parties - you and your customers. We want to see queues in a broader and more innovative way, when they are safe, accessible and transparent to everyone who queues. At the same time, being a simple, sustainable and versatile solution for businesses that use it. Our subscription models have been scaled to meet the general needs of companies of different sizes, and are affordable. Read more about our Benefits here.
Yes, of course! You can always update your new address in our system without any limitations. This will also update your location that is stored in our system and your place (or your van if you are selling strawberries) will no longer be seen at the old location. So, it is advisable that you update to a new location only when you are not serving customers at the old location anymore.
Our smallest subscription plan is the Basic plan with the monthly commitment of 79 € per month. This plan includes One queue per location and is limited to 1500 tickets per month.
Yes, of course. You can use our product actively at your shop, office or business premises from day-one of your trial. The whole purpose of the trial version is to help you and your customers understand the benefits of our product and how mobile queuing can be used to mobilize the real-time traffic and reduce the waiting time for customers who are waiting for customer service in the queues.
Yes, of course. You can call us on +358 45 78740512 (GMT +2, Eastern European Time) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday anytime between 12:30 and 16:00. On other days or otherwise, you can contact us by filling up our Support form or then reaching us via other resources which are defined here. Please note, our Telephone support is currently limited to support our business customers or inquiries.
Of course, we are here to help. Just contact us by filling this form or then send an email to sales-team [@] codemenders.com. For example, on an average, every month has 21 (twenty one) work days. This means that if you handle up to 70 customers per day, you are fine with the Basic plan, as well as the trial. If your team handles up to 170 customers per day, you are fine with the Standard plan. The bigger plans have unlimited tickets.
At this moment, all our subscription plans are available with a monthly commitment. This means that you can cancel anytime and your account will be deleted at the end of the month. In case you have signed up for a longer commitment, your account gets deleted at the end of your current billing cycle. For our enterprise customers, the cancellation policy depends on the Service contract that has been made between the two parties.
At this moment, we do not process any refunds - but we do assure 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can cancel your subscription anytime and your account will be deleted at the end of your current billing period.
To reach our product's support, fill up the Support form . This triggers an email to our support team and we get back to all such requests as soon as we are able to. In addition to this, you can also reach our team via the following alternate channels: Please also note, all requests that are received are acted upon in our timezone which is GMT +2 (Eastern Europe Time, Helsinki) and during regular working hours which is 08:30 - 16:00. All requests that are received outside of normal working hours are collected and responded during the next working day.
There are no noticeable changes when your business has reached the monthly quota of tickets (1500 tickets in Basic, 3600 tickets in Standard). Our system keeps giving out new tickets normally to your customers and there is no affect on your customer service operations. These extra tickets are billed at 0,01 € per ticket at the start of your next billing cycle.
It's ok. We've got your back. You can request more staff accounts for your business. Every additional staff account is charged at € 5,00 per staff per month.
You can view the type of supported hardware including applications - here . Such devices and applications can be used by your customers to join the queue at your premises, get updates when the queue gets shorter and also get paper tickets when necessary.
We are a software company called Codemenders Oy located in Espoo, Finland in the European Union. We focus on building tools that help in improving the customer journey for consumers (people who queue) and adding value to the customer service that is offered by businesses to consumers. We do this by providing our product QtipMe, a 100% digital and mobile-first queuing and online appointment system. To know more about it, please visit our homepage .