Check out our youtube video to see how our mobile queuing application works.

Take a tip, skip the queue!
List of nearby offices on your smartphone

All the offices on one screen

Instant overview of all offices near you that use and of their current queue situation.

Take a remote ticket using your smartphone

Take a remote ticket

Select a queue at the office of your choice and see its current status. Find out the number of people ahead of you in the queue. Place yourself in the queue remotely using your smartphone.

Receive updates of the queue's progress on your smartphone.

Display of queuing number on your smart phone

Relax, make most of your waiting time!

With regular notifications about queue's progress being sent to your smartphone, enjoy being mobile and make the most of your waiting time however you like!

Use our notifications to reach the office on time and get served without waiting!

No sign-up required. Just install on your smart-phone. Apps now available @ AppStores
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Bring your services to a new level!
Overview of the queueing status

Your queues at your fingertips

Instant overview of your queueing situation. Easily see and manage all your customer queues online.

Invite the next queuing number

Easy customer flow

Call the next customer in the queue with a click of a button.

Feedback on the remote queue services

Serve better!

Collect instant feedback from your customers.