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Queuing is easy.

Queues are quite simple really, as simple as saying the word out loud. Really, for pronouncing you just need the letter "Q", and the rest follows: u-e-u-e. We put the vowels in the queue, and you can focus on the results.

To proceed with the demo of the best online queuing system, choose a role below.

As a consumer you queue at businesses for customer service.

Quite often, we find ourself waiting in a queue at a bank, post office, hospital or telecom store, twiddling our thumbs and desperately wishing that we could be using this time to pick some groceries, do the dry cleaning or simply grab a coffee instead. gives you the freedom to secure your place in a queue from wherever you are and helps you utilize your waiting time however you want to.

For example, the video demonstrates key features of from a consumer's point of view.

  • Browse all nearby services from one app.

    Get an instant overview of all the nearby places and customer service locations that offer remote queuing via .

  • Join the queue from where you are.

    Select a queue at the place of your choice to view the real-time queuing status. Join the queue by taking a remote ticket, order a service1 or book an appointment2 using our app for iOS , Android and Web

  • Relax and make the most out of your waiting time.

    You will be updated regularly and in real-time via PUSH and other modes of notifications3 as and when the queue gets shorter and your turn for receiving customer service approaches. Enjoy being mobile and make sure that you reach the place in time.

  • [1, 2]: Ordering a service, Booking appointments are only available if the service provider has subscribed to such add-ons.
  • [3]: There are multiple notification options available like PUSH, SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Telegram.
As a business you provide customer service to consumers.

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